This Halloween, with this NFT Collection you might get more than you bargained for!

From the Underworld straight to the Metaverse

4 min readOct 24, 2022

NFT ninjas, Glorious Goths and Xerothermic Zombies Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! It’s that time of year when you have to head on down to the crypt for your crypto, to Beelzebub’s Boudoir for your Bloody Marys and make way for multitudinous, malevolent malingering! There is something on the horizon between good and evil that is so naughty, so deliciously devilish, so feloniously fiendish, infernally incarnate, and malevolently malicious that it’s scurrilously sinister and venomously villainous. It’s time to get ready for the release of something so diabolically demoniacal that you’ll have to wait in line to enter the Great Digital Inferno. Lucifer is on his way to the Metaverse!

For centuries, the Dark Lord, Satan, the Lord of Lies, Beelzebub and so many other names too numerous to mention has been a fascination for us all in both folklore, legend and culture. So often portrayed as a cunning and manipulative character, he delights in causing mischief and mayhem. In many ways, he represents the things we fear most: chaos, disorder, and evil. And yet, there is something about the devil that also makes him strangely compelling. Perhaps it is his confidence or his naughty sense of humour. Or maybe it is simply the fact that he reminds us of our own potential for darkness. Whatever the reason, there is no denying that the devil has a certain je ne sais quoi. After all, what would life be without a little bit of danger and excitement?

Over the years, the devil has been demonised as the horned, red-skinned monster with a pitchfork, or as a sleek, black-clad tempter with a sly smile. In popular culture, he has been played with charismatic perfection by Al Pacino in films like the Devil’s Advocate as the nefarious head of the fictional law firm, and as that popular culture continues to evolve digitally it was only a matter of time before the fascination for the Devil, his naughtiness and mischief, would be locked into digital infernal eternity, immutably.

Now a 3-D NFT collection is on its way — courtesy of the world’s only museum dedicated to the Prince of Darkness himself — the Devil’s museum in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Yes, that’s right there is a museum in the heart of Lithuania, an independent baltic state that was a former part of pre-revolution Russia that is devoted to the demonic daemon himself.

This morbidly fascinating museum has over 3,000 pieces from around the world, all of which are somehow related to the devil. From devil-themed paintings and sculptures to devil horns and hooves, there’s something for everyone at the Devil’s Museum.

The museum was opened in 1966 after the passing of a famous Lithuanian artist and poet, Antanas Žmuidzinavičius, who had a private collection of around 250 devil-related artifacts. The collection was opened to the public in 1967 in the artist’s original house and consists entirely of works of art that depict how the world depicts the devil throughout history. The collection is international, including works by famous Lithuanian artists, as well as overseas artists, that have been donated over the years by international collectors. The museum’s mission is to create an understanding of the different ways that devils have been depicted across the globe, with the museum showcasing relics and artifacts relating to interesting tales and legends about the devil, that artists have interpreted to encapsulate to include the religiously styled to the bizarre and the political. The most famous piece, which perhaps has more resonance in today’s political landscape, is that of Hitler and Stalin dancing on top of human skulls.

Now you can have your own permanent piece of Lucifer’s life, of the devil’s divisiveness, of the prince of darkness’s deliciously dark side as various pieces from the museum are up for grabs as 3-D models — 3-dimensional NFTs. These pieces do have a fourth dimension which makes them even more interesting.

In the case of the Devil’s museum collection, the pieces could be 4-D NFTs to reflect the Dastardly Diabolical Demonic Devils or that also give you access also to the non-physical rights of the NFT pieces that you buy. In other words, not only do you have the chance to own a piece of demonic culture but you also have certain rights to the piece — now that is a special present this Halloween for the person that has everything — now you can give them the unique chance to own an immutable, infernal piece of infamy. A unique collector’s item for the passionate Halloween fanboy or girl. Simply visit for more details.

Have a fang-tastic Halloween!

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Tim Lea , our external staff writer, is a strategic content creator and author of the book Down the Rabbit Hole, a book on the blockchain in plain English, an international keynote speaker on the strategic application of the blockchain, and an investor in NFTs.




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